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The new Bornplatz Synagogue is becoming a reality.

The new building of the Bornplatz Synagogue is a symbol of hope for the future of Jewish life in Germany. At the same time, it stands as a memorial to the original Bornplatz synagogue looted and destroyed during the progrome in November 1938.

More than 100,000 signatures have been collected from supporters for the Bornplatz Synagogue in Hamburg. Since this campaign it is certain that the new synagogue is widely supported by the community of this city. This place of worship will be right in the middle of this city and for all people of this city.

The new Bornplatz Synagogue is intended to be a place of religion, education, remembrance and engagecment. It will stand as a landmark for the cosmopolitanism and Jewish identity of our city.

Bornplatz Synagogue Hamburg

Jewish. German. The future in sight.

The foundation

The Bornplatz Synagogue Foundation with its employees - and prospectively - the Donors' Association as well as the Advisory Board support and oversee the process of construction of the Bornplatz Synagogue and its operation after being opened.

A tradition of 1,700 years of Judaism and Jewish life in Germany is being continued.

Together with representatives from public authorities, politics, businesses and the citizens of Hamburg, the Bornplatz Synagogue Foundation is working on the future of Jewish life in Grindel as an equal and thriving part of our society.

Bornplatzsynagoge, Kuppel © Unbekannt

3 tasks for a building


Jewish life

As a new, representative and religious center, the new Bornplatz Synagogue will enrich and expand Jewish life in the Grindel Quarter of the City of Hamburg.



As a memorial, the new Bornplatz synagogue will keep alive the memory of the crimes of the Nazi era.The building will cultivate the culture of remembrance of the fate of the old Bornplatz synagogue and the Jewish community of 1938.


The new Bornplatz Synagogue will be a point of education. A place to meet and indulge an inclusive and unprejudiced welcome for everyone who is interested in Jewish religion, culture and history,

The new Bornplatz Synagogue is becoming a reality.

The future requires commitment. And our work needs your support. Thanks
Wir sind dankbar für jede Unterstützung.


Statements from our supporters

In 2021 more than 100,000 people supported the idea of rebuilding the Bornplatz Synagogue. With their approval they set an extraordinary example to care about Jewish life in Hamburg and took a strong stance against Anti-Semitism.

Peter Tschentscher

“Jewish religion and culture must have a firm place in our diverse Hamburg urban society. This includes the reconstruction of the Bornplatz Synagogue in the Grindelquarter, which was destroyed by the Nazis and is to once again become a central location of Jewish culture and religion in Hamburg.

Peter Tschentscher
First Mayor of Hamburg
Katharina Fegebank

“I am delighted with the initiative! In my personal and professional environment, I will promote that everyone is really involved and says "No" to Anti-Semitism and "Yes" to the Bornplatz Synagogue. ”

Katharina Fegebank
Deputy Mayor of Hamburg
Olaf Scholz

“It is good that there is Jewish life again in Germany. It is important that we stand up against Anti-Semitism and it is very good when the Bornplatz Synagogue in Hamburg is resurrected. ”

Olaf Scholz
Federal Chancellor of Germany
Daniel Sheffer

“We are not living in 1938, but today. Let's rebuild the Bornplatz Synagogue!”

Daniel Sheffer
Entrepreneur, founder of the initiative and chairperson of the foundation
Dr Josef Schuster

“Jewish life belongs at the center of society: audible, visible, tangible. ”

Dr Josef Schuster
President of the Central Council of Jews in Germany
Philipp Stricharz

“Dear Hamburgians, we want to rebuild the Bornplatz Synagogue together with you! With your support we want to send a signal that the entire city wants this synagogue!”

Philipp Stricharz
Chairman of the Jewish Community of Hamburg
Jennifer Jasberg

“Anti-Semitism has no place among us. It is incredibly important that we set an example against it. This synagogue at this location can certainly be that symbol.”

Jennifer Jasberg
Chair of the Greens parliamentary group in Hamburg
Shlomo Bistritzky

“The discussion about rebuilding the Bornplatz Synagogue are coming at the right time: Germany has woken up to do something about growing Anti-Semitism.”

Shlomo Bistritzky
State Rabbi of the Jewish Community of Hamburg

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